Zootorial an app to help children with their reading skills.

Jasmyn M, Arianna R, Kate Z, Estrella F

We created an IOS app that has fun stories that parents and their child will enjoy reading together. On completion of the story, there is an age appropriate quiz where parents can ask and observe how their child answers each question, in order to test their understanding and knowledge. Overall, Zootorial works to increase the amount of parent involvement in their child’s reading development.

Children are not being read to everyday and parents are not involved in their education lowering grades and test scores. This is why we want to encourage parents to be involved in helping their children learn as it shows better results in their school and social life.

Zootorial is parent and child interactive app that allows parents to read a long with their child. This allows the parent and child to bond and learn new things together.

The whole project was challenging for us because we were learning a new platform. Some things that were especially difficult were getting the navigation right and learning how to get each book to display the right text.

"Is Zootorial in the app store yet?", " I would love my child to use this app." "This app would be so helpful for my kids."

Hello welcome to J.A.K.E Corp. we are a group of four girls Jasmyn, Ari, Kate, and Estrella. We met through Girls Who Code and at the start of the program none of us had experience with coding, making us even more proud of Zootorial the IOS app we created using Swift. We created this app to help children with their reading skills and to encourage parent participation in their child’s education.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Salesforce.org at the USC Marshall School of Business.