ZenChat, a safe haven and community.

Assitan N, Vivian N, Rhema E, Lawren F, DaShelle H

Our website is a safe haven for people with mental illnesses or disabilities. The website allows a community of individuals the opportunity to interact with each other and know they are not alone in their struggles. The website also provides games and other interactive options for the user to take their mind off things.

Many websites don't take into account of people with mental illnesses or disabilities.

Our website will be constantly growing to accommodate the needs of people who struggle everyday in their lives and provide a safe place for that community.

A technical problem our group faced was when we had to combine our code, to make sure the website worked properly. We overcame it by communicating with each other to find a solution.

We are a group of high schoolers who participate in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program.

This website is our final project for the program. It is about people with mental illnesses coming together and relating about personal issues that affect everyone in their everyday lives.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Atlanta - Ada Lovelace).