Ashley B, Folashade A, Isabella T, Adriana A

While life can be confusing and new, "You Do You" is a place where you can come and get helpful advice for all of your social, academic, physical, and mental self care issues. We created this website to give teens helpful information and connect them with useful resources to make navigating high school just a little bit easier.

High school and teen life can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

We came up with a a website that covers four areas that we feel are very present during high school in a teen's life.

We were all lucky enough to be paired together in our group, where we gave each other a good balance of freedom and restriction needed to create our project. However, one major challenge we faced was working with APIs. We had trouble finding a good API to incorporate in our project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Facebook.