A quick and easy way to find job opportunities throughout the world.

Keiry C, Rachel L, Jasmine M, Katherine S

"Xperience" is a job research website that enables job seekers to easily find jobs. We used Authentic Jobs and Google Maps API to gather information about new and upcoming jobs as well as their location. Our website informs our users of new job opportunities throughout the world, and the company information is displayed on the Map tab.

Job seekers are everywhere. However, finding a job that fits your skill set may not seem as easy as it sounds.

"Xperience" enables job seekers to match their skill set with a job fit for them. Additionally, if users are interested in a company, they can see the company’s location on a map.

A technical difficulty that we had in creating our project is that we had to use APIs to create our website. With our basic knowledge in coding, we could not accomplish this task on our own. We overcame this issue by asking for assistance from our instructor and teaching assistants.

Keiry, Rachel, Jasmine, and Katherine are all upperclassmen in high school. They live in Miami, Florida and took up the opportunity in joining Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program because they wanted to experience coding firsthand. None of them had previous coding knowledge beforehand, so the program really opened up their eyes as to what they can do with coding and Computer Science.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GWC FIU Miami.