Find and save definitions of words while reading.

Anna S, Flaurencya C, Hurairah M

"Word Catcher" is a Google Chrome Extension that allows students, researchers, and foreign language learners to see the definition of a word on a pop-up. The word and its definition are then automatically saved to an external website. Users can then later view these words whenever they wish.

When reading, it is common to run across a word that you don't know the meaning of. Sometimes, you write down the word to look up later. If you don't write it down, then you might end up searching up the same word multiple times without realizing it.

We created an extension that, when you select a word, automatically provides you with the definition and then saves it so you can view it later. This allows users to stay focused on their reading.

The entire Chrome Extension was coded in JavaScript, which we did not spend much time learning in class. As a result, it was very difficult to code. We overcame it with help from our TAs and a lot of determination.

"Your Extension could be applicable in our research and publications department!"

We are a trio of passionate dreamers based in the New York metropolitan area, and are entering our senior year in high school.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pfizer (NY) - Ada Lovelace.