Motivate women to pursue a job or education

Jasleen K, Shriya N, Trisha W, Jayna D

Wonder Womyn is a pool of resources that can enable and motivate women to further themselves in society with access to educational information and job resources. It addresses the social issue of underprivileged women and inequality. Many women in our society need the confidence and inspiration to get a job and education so with our website we hope to motivate them.

Women, though not the only disadvantaged group, need resources in one place so that they can easily find everything they need to be successful. We created a website that shows women where they can get the best education and find a job that they are interested in.

We created a website that pools most of the resources that women need to advance in life and achieve their goals or dreams. Though not complete, as we still need a database and the ability for a user to create an account to save their searches, we have created this demo which will portray all the ways in which we hope to empower women in today’s world.

One technical difficulty we had creating our project is trying to get a uniform look on all of the pages, since everyone worked on a separate page, there were some differences in the CSS file. We worked together and compared our code to fix the little differences to make the pages look alike. Another issue we had was trying to get our moving background to work, as it was a difficult process.

"This website was incredibly aesthetically pleasing and well done. All the girls working on Wonder Womyn did a great job!" -- Rebecca A

Jasleen and Trisha are rising high school seniors, while Shriya and Jayna are rising juniors. They all met through Girls Who Code and became close friends. They chose this topic after watching the Girl Rising movie, as it really inspired them to help women.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Intuit.