Learn about amazing women in history and play an adventure game featuring three of them.

Maya L, Ana Sofia J, Alana R, Nia S.

We researched different women in the categories of LGBTQ, Warriors, STEM, Women of Color, and a few more to write lots of biographies on women you may not have heard and included three from the warrior category in short adventure games where you time travel to meet the different women and learn a new fact.


We noticed that there is a lack of positive female role models or female representation in general in history books and in video games. We wanted to try to improve this through short biographies of underappreciated women in history an a game that features three of our women warriors.

We are addressing it through research and biographies that show the different historical contributions of powerful and intelligent women, and also a game where all of the women are shown as powerful and finally a good character.

We didn't use a framework like bootstrap, so we had to do both research and coding our website from scratch. This took up a lot of our time, and left us feeling rushed. Eventually we figured it out, but initially we struggled with learning new concepts in Javascript and trying to display all of our information without it being overwhelming or crowded.

Our project was described as awesome because our project had meaning and related to Girls Who Code's beliefs.

We participated in the Girls Who Code program at Adobe Emeryville. All of us are rising juniors and seniors who love games, technology, women’s rights, social justice, and art. We wanted to incorporate as many of those elements as we could into our final project. We had a great time making this project, and we hope that everyone who uses it enjoys it and learns something new!

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Emeryville).