Women's Rights Are Human Rights

Sophie C, Eilanie T, Quynh N

Our project includes quotes from important feminists in our society. We want these powerful women to be role models in people's lives. In addition to our project we also used Makey Makey as a physical element and made a joystick that connects to our project. You can take a quiz to see what feminist you are and use the joystick to put in your answer. We are very proud of our project that we made on Scratch. Sophie (SoCieGWC) did all the code, art and animations. Eilanie (EiTseGWC) did the research and made sure everything looked good. Quynh (QuNhuGWC) did the Makey Makey part of the project. In the end our project needed all of our skills to make it as good as it is now.

Women are underrepresented in technology, school, sports, politics, etc. Women should be viewed as equal to men. This is a horrible problem in today's society.

We used inspirational women to show that women can do just as much as men can.

Our code was very messy. The code worked but it was hard to make edits to it because of how messy our code was. We decided to add comments to our code so we know what line of code does what.

"In our society women should not be viewed as less than men. I mean why do women give birth? It's because we are strong and never give up. We are warriors."

We believe women’s rights are important in today’s society.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .