Women in Gaming

Juliet, Marianna, Lekhya, Grace, Gabriella, Anna, Shawna, Sakshi, Gargi, Lisa, Madeline

Our game starts in Hazel's (main character) bedroom. She has just fallen asleep and entered a dream. It's more like a nightmare, but she can't wake up from it. She can't escape! She meets strange characters in strange settings where she is told she has to complete and overcome some tasks and obstacles to escape the dream. There are three levels Hazel has to overcome. Level one is in a jungle, level two is in the ocean, and level three is in a blizzard. In each level, Hazel's goal is to get the key, which will bring her to the next level and eventually escape the dream.

The problem we decided to focus on was "Women in Technology". We believe this is a major problem in our community, and it also relates to what Girls Who Code's goal is. We thought about how girls are not known as gamers, as well as how, in stories or games, the girl traditionally plays a less dominant role.

We decided to create a video game where the main character is a girl and she is strong, brave, and smart. We hope this game will be an influence and set an example for girls around the world to not be afraid of being themselves, as well as bring more girls into the computer science field.

Some of our difficulties included:
- creating the game in different tools
- collaborating with other girls on who was doing what task
- facing technical difficulties between GitHub, Glitch, Codesters, and Scratch

"From where we started to where we ended was a journey!"

We are members of a Girls Who Code Club, a national nonprofit organization aiming to increase the number of women in computer science. The girls who took part in the project were Juliet, Marianna, Lekhya, Grace, Gabriella, Anna, Shawna, Sakshi, Gargi, Lisa, and Madeline. The 11 of us have worked really hard for the past year to create this game, and through the process we have all become good friends. Our characteristics differ from one another, but our goal was the same.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Andover, Massachusetts.