Three (or more) great reasons girls should code

Mackenzie H., Lauren I., Faith D. and MiKenzie D.

We created a website to encourage girls to learn to code. We wanted show them - with our individual style and words - what coding has done for us. The site gives a brief bio of each of us when you click on our avatars. We added lots of color and special effects. And we added a "call to action" button to help girls find a GWC club near them.

Why Girls Should code website-top half

Girls often think coding is nerdy, or they don't know what they can do with coding and how creative coding can be.

We each wanted to explain what coding has done for us, and why we think it's a good skill to have. We wanted to use images and CSS styling that show our un-nerdy personalities.

Our special effects CSS did not always work the way it was supposed to. So we had to give some <div>s a special id# instead of a class.

You've gotta read Faith's Top 3 -- Superhero spectacular!

We are a group of middle school girls from the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Most of us are new to coding, but we’re having a blast!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Slover Library, Norfolk, VA.