"Collect coins; avoid oil spills; avoid toxic waste barrels; press space to jump; earn the highest score possible"

Savanna Chapman, Margarita Groisman, Maxine Lui, Emma Zhang

What The Frack is a fun and educational game directed towards bringing awareness to the effects of oil fracking on our environment.
Our game's story-line is that Marcus, a bunny, is escaping its natural habitat that became inhabitable as a result of fracking nearby. While escaping to the city, Marcus must avoid the oil spills and toxic waste barrels he encounters and collect tokens promoting renewable energy sources.

Although many people are aware of the controversial political and social issues surrounding oil fracking, they are largely unaware of the detrimental environmental impacts caused by oil fracking. Not only has fracking led to major water contamination, it has also led to the release of toxic waste chemicals and earthquakes in areas surrounding fracking sites.

We created a game that solely focused on oil fracking's impact on our environment and tried to avoid including any direct relation to its many political and social issues. Instead of targeting fracking and saying "It's terrible; stop doing it," we chose to show our viewers that there are alternative energy sources aside from fracking that are better for our environment.

A technical problem we faced was having to learn a new language, C#, and a new program, Unity, within two days in order to create a finished and presentable product in time for graduation. As such, we spent much of our time Googling, watching tutorials, and asking each other for help. At times, even when our code looked or was right, we didn't give up and tried again until it worked. With great determination and perseverance, we were able to overcome our technical problem.

We are four girls who live in the NYC metropolitan area who participated in the Summer Immersion Program here at Goldman Sachs. During the last two weeks of our program, we built our project, What The Frack, while stressing out and cracking jokes with each other.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Goldman Sachs - Grace Hopper.