What Stereotypes Don’t Tell You Game

What Stereotypes Don’t Tell You Game

Ashley M, Luzgabriela Z

We created a game using Scratch to address stereotypes of Latino men. The player goes through a typical day in the life of a Latino father, fixing a certain amount of windows in order to be able to go home to his family.

We are addressing the problem of Latino men stereotypes through our game. Latino men are often portrayed as lazy, uneducated, and assumed to be criminals.

We believe these stereotypes are ignorant and harm society so we created a game that shows the reality of a Latino man's life that is not seen and showing how they are hard workers with families at home.

There were several moments when our group faced problems because of the code. At times they were just glitches or tiny bugs that turned into huge problems. We had to constantly go back into our code and review everything. We had to test everything and try our best to move around the code in order to debug it.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .