Breaking the language barrier through music

Melanie V & Kayla A

This project connects different cultures by using one language we all have in common: music. On our website, we take you from continent to continent learning about different cultures through the music that brings them together.

It is difficult to connect people all around the world because we speak different languages.

To solve this, we created an immersive experience that takes you to other countries from the safety of your computer screen.

We wanted to be able to use Bootstrap to align columns, but with the little knowledge we had of it, it was difficult to know how to use it effectively. We ending up finding a way to align columns in HTML instead, but sadly had to remove the inspiration page.

We were in the Citrix group at Miami Dade College. We created a website called “Waves of Change” in which we explain that music is a language barrier and make our audience understand that even though there are so many types of music with different languages, you can still create an emotional connection with the words and meaning behind any song regardless if you don’t understand and don’t know the language.

What inspired us to make this project was our love and connection through k-pop, since there are people who won’t give k-pop a chance because it’s a different culture, ethnicity, and language. K-pop groups, such as BTS (our favorite group), are breaking the language barrier through music and are making it big in the United States. They are making the world of k-pop more open by putting themselves more out there, so people can know that k-pop exists.

So, that’s how we created the name ”Waves of Change” because music has beautiful sound waves that are breaking the language barrier by creating a change and connecting more people.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - MDC - Ada Lovelace.