Track and reduce your water usage

Paula G, Vanessa V, Jessica J

The Water Well team created a website that is able to track daily water usage through user input. After they take a survey that is able to analyze their daily patterns in regards to their use of water, they are redirected to a page that is able to display their data more in-depth. It even provides a comparison to the average American water consumption by a single individual per day. It also leads to a page which displays simple steps in reducing water usage which can encourage Americans, as well as individuals all throughout the world, to follow the steps in aiding a global dilemma.

Although the population is expanding on an exponential scale, our fresh water sources only continue to deplete. Less than 1% of Earth’s water is usable by humans while the rest is either saltwater or trapped inside glaciers and polar ice caps. With a sudden rise in human population, the volume of wastes and waste waters have risen considerably. These wastes include a number of non-biodegradable substances and substances resistant to degradation and natural waters are no longer capable of decomposing these impurities. Individuals around the world contract water borne diseases through exposure to contaminated water while the average American uses 100 gallons of water a day without blinking an eye. It's time we change that.

The Water Well team believes that if a person is able to see the amount of water that they consume daily while acknowledging the limited supply of freshwater resources that the Earth provides, they will be able to adjust their water usages and help aid a problem that affects all of us, no matter what region of the world one belongs to. That's why the team created Water Well - a platform that is able to track and hopefully reduce water usage in order to raise awareness about an issue that affects us all.

While constructing the Water Well website, we faced numerous technical problems. One of the first problems that we ran into was implementing a login system using PHP and mySQL. Considering the fact that we had no prior knowledge of PHP or how to set up databases, creating a login system that could be secure for all users posed a major issue. However, after hours of debugging and hitting our heads against tables, we were able to find an algorithm that allowed us to develop a secure system. From developing this algorithm and going through cyclical trials, we were able to extend our realm of understanding and ultimately learn PHP along the way! Another problem we underwent was creating a quiz that could store the user’s answers and display each individual value on a separate webpage using purely JavaScript. To solve this, we were able to collectively come together as a team and implement new ideas that could help solve the issue. It's amazing how much difference a colon can make!

"It's an innovative idea that, when fully developed, could help reduce water wastage and raise awareness for an issue that is silently affecting us all." - Jessica J

As three aspiring female engineers venturing into the world of tech, we never fail to use our ambition to revolutionize platforms and bring change to the world using the power of technology.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at JPMorgan.