Normalize mental health issues.

Courtney N, Jade S, Mazal Z

Step into the shoes of someone healing from their mental health issues.

There is such a huge stigma surrounding mental health issues to the point that people with mental health issues are, or feel, isolated. Those with mental health issues are portrayed in such a negative light that it makes others believe that those with mental health issues are "dangerous" or "crazy". This is completely untrue, and even people without anything large going on can still have mental health issues. This stigma causes so many people to reject the idea of having a mental health issue, invalidating themselves and their feelings as they struggle with their emotions, thinking that they aren't "normal". Mental health issues are usually treatable (i.e. depression, social anxiety, etc.), especially at a young age, but because of this stigma, so many refuse to get help or admit that they have a mental health issue.

By creating this game, we hope to help break the stigma around mental health issues. The player watches a character going through a mental health issue. The story starts with the player at the therapist showing that it is normal to receive help. The player then goes through the character's daily life, which has no major troubles--thus showing that, even without major troubles in life, many people can and have mental health issues. With this game, we want to normalize mental health issues and asking for help.

There were many technical issues, especially with Unity. We are still in progress of creating our game, but we did lots of research on Unity and the APIs, so now we mostly know how to use it efficiently.

"Your game has a lot of potential! Can't wait to see you finish it in the future!"

"It's amazing!!!"

"This is so fun! Wild!"

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (NYC).