Wanderer: Wash your worries away!

Maliha I, Noelia C, Mariana V, Ginevra G

Wanderer is an interactive website meant to promote relaxation. Users travel through different worlds by viewing original works of art, magical backgrounds, and by listening to music. Wanderer can be used by everyone!

Growing up is difficult, especially in an ideologically polarized society. With the difficulties presented in recent events such as the Charlottesville riot, the intensity of foreign affairs, and the troubles of daily life, too easily we give into hatred, impatience, and angry passion and lose sight of what is important. Being an adult is stressful, but we miss the kid who used to believe in heroes but unfortunately heroes only exist in books or in the movies.

Wanderer is an interactive website that immerses users, one last time, in youthful fancy. By bringing fictional universes, such as Lord of the Rings and the wizarding world in Harry Potter, to life, we hope to make users relaxed and help their imaginations run wild. We were particularly inspired by the Pottermore website, which is simply beautiful to visit for its sights and sounds.

We had difficulty choosing which coding program to use. Although we went in originally with HTML, we thought that Scratch would be the best program to use with visuals and animations. Unfortunately, we realized after several long days of work, Scratch animations would not do justice to the vision that we had for our project. So instead, we had to start again in HTML. We compromised our original idea, including certain animations that would’ve added more to the dynamic of our website. However, using HTML and CSS allowed us to evoke the ideas that we wanted to include in our project.

"Your code is beautiful."

We like ice cream and art.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Bay Area).