We Hope You all Catch Some ZZZ's on the L

Vanessa B., Naissa C., Annabella(Bella) C., Isis C.

This application was created for sleeping commuters who take the train. This is an android friendly app that allows commuters to input their final destination and when they get near their stop it will wake them up with an alarm; that way commuters can sleep on the train with worrying about missing their stop. The app will also have premium upgrade for those who want to customize their ringtones as well as remove pop-up ads. Our hope is to help commuters ‘catch some zzz on the L'.

We are trying to prevent people from missing their stop on the CTA trains while sleeping.

We want to make an app that sets off an alarm when commuters are close to their stops. Therefore, it would wake them up, so they don’t miss their stop. We will make it so GPS will detect which station the train is approaching.

We used the wrong platform Meteor but then we switched to Android Studio which was much easier.

"I wish I had that app right now!" -said everyone

Isis is a senior who not only excels in her academics but is involved in many clubs and activities. She is planning to pursue a degree in computer science and engineering after graduating in 2017. She worked on the Code of the Wakey Wakey app in Android studio and persevered through the many bugs in the program. Isis is an ambitious, bright, young coder who dreams to one day work for Google. Vanessa B. is a senior who takes pride in her studies in addition to participating in extracurricular activities such as softball and broadcasting. Vanessa’s goal after her 2017 graduation is to get a degree in computer science and engineering. She worked tirelessly on the logo and design of the Wakey Wakey app. Vanessa is an enthusiastic, determined young woman who wishes to continue making an impact on the world. Naissa is a senior who has not only pursued her interests of badminton and violin but, she has also done exceptionally well in school. Naissa is eager to continue her studies after graduation 2017. She intends to pursue a degree in computer science and engineering. Naissa has put in an immense amount of work into coding the Wakey Wakey app. She is a responsible, determined, young inventor who hopes to one day help others through her computer science talents. Annabella is a junior who is focused on her academics, but is also very involved in her school. She is in many clubs and activities including Service Club and Best Buddies. Bella also has a passion for education. She currently teaches at a preschool with a team of other young educators. Bella developed the Wakey Wakey website as well as served as project manager and business plan specialist for the Wakey Wakey team. Bella is a passionate, charismatic, and devoted young woman who aspires to continue making an impact on youth by pursuing a career in education after her graduation in 2018.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Accenture CHI.