Tomorrow's technology solving today's problems

Uma U., Mae W. Maya G.

Our VR app is a game which teaches users how to properly recycle. In the game, the user is presented with pieces of trash, recycling and compost, and they must properly categorize all the trash to win the game. When the user categorizes something correctly, they are given positive feedback, and an explanation of why the item belongs in the chosen bin. If the user gets it wrong, they're given a chance to try again.

Many people don't know how to properly recycle, and that causes landfill overflow and general pollution.

We designed a game that will teach users how to properly recycle, using an engaging virtual reality experience.

Getting the items to be "picked up" and follow the user's pointer on the screen. In the end, we solved the problem by going at it with an alternative approach, in which the objects don't directly follow the pointer.

"Is that a potato?"

VR-ecycling (pronunciation debated) was designed by Uma, Mae, and Maya. Uma is a senior, Maya is a junior, and Mae is a junior.

We designed VR-ecycling to teach people about how to properly categorize their trash, recycling and compost. Many people miscategorize their waste, and this can lead to overfilled landfills and general pollution. We hope that by creating an immersive experience with virtual reality, we can drive home the lesson to users.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Bay Area).