Volunteer opportunities for teens!

Tasfia H, Helina R, Michelle S

Our project provides ways to give back to our community.

A common problem among teens is trying to fulfill our required community service hours for school. However, it is difficult find events to take part in around your area.

As a result, this website will not only list places people can volunteer at, but also specific places around the area you live for your convenience.

It was difficult to use the Google Maps API to let users put in their zip code and find positions that they were interested in. Additionally, we tried to extract data on volunteer opportunities and pair it with the zip code/maps API.

"I wish I had this when I was in high school!"

We are high school teens looking for something to invest our time in where we can experience different fields of study. We enjoyed learning about Computer Science this summer and working on a final project that reflects the amount of knowledge that we gained. It was very interesting to see how we were able to encompass all our ideas into one project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pfizer (NY) - Ada Lovelace.