Be inspired through our creative block-curing website!

Kumud J, Tal G, Jada E, Tiffany B

Artists, writers, and other creative minds struggle with what is known as creative block. We created "Visionary" to combat this daily predicament. "Visionary" is a website designed to give users inspiration with features such as writing prompts, places to go, an open forum, and poem and artwork galleries.

Our team is trying to find a way to inspire artistic minds that are facing creative block. Many times, we just don't know where to start or how to get ideas flowing.

"Visionary" was created with a number of interactive features that help give users an environment in which they can best be inspired. These include an inspiration map, a prompt generator, and more.

One technical difficulty was the Login page. We were not familiar with PHP, and had to self-learn a new programming language in a week and a half. It took a few days to even understand what a database is, but we finally figured it out.

"Before, I couldn't think, but now, I think I can do it!"

We are “Visionary”: a group of high school students looking to inspire artists and writers when they are facing creative block. “Visionary” was born when we faced creative block trying to brainstorm for our project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Goldman Sachs - Grace Hopper.