Violette Girls Who Code

Violette Girls Who Code

Collaborating with Diversity and making opportunities when there is gender bias.

Alexa, Alondra, Dayla, Briseyda, Susana, Darlene, Roxana, Lizet, Nina, Diana, Kimberly, Guadalupe

The girls felt that they are frequently overlooked in sports and technology opportunities and created a project that reflected them as individuals coming together to say we are all unique and capable to be/do anything we put our minds to. They created a web page that highlights girls' interests and their ability to work together even though they are highly diverse. Also, highlights their frustration with being discriminated against in sports and other "boy" dominated activities. Includes animation, video, and music.

Girls get overlooked when participating in sports and technology opportunities. There is a gender bias at our school and they want the boys to get out of their way.

Also, the girls were all very different and had to learn to appreciate and work with everyone to create something together.

Website describing differences and the joys of working together to make the video, animation, music, and building the website.

When brainstorming ideas, it was a bit difficult for the girls to agree on anything for the impact project. They all had a million ideas and nobody wanted to budge.

"You girls made that without your teacher's help!"

The team consisted of 12 sixth grade girls meeting 2 days a week for an hour. They had no coding experience prior to starting the club, but all learned the essentials of basic coding.  Everyone started in Scratch and although several tried projects in Actimator and Earsketch the final project was mainly created in Scratch.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Dr. C.C. Violette School.