Build a toilet

Sushma, Janice, Esperanza

This is a virtual reality project. We decided to choose this topic because we noticed that around the world people don't have access to toilets and some people have to make toilets but in a result of that many people are getting sick. We wanted to bring awareness people because people don't acknowledge that we're lucky to have access to toilets other people have to go to dirty bathrooms or walk miles away to go to the bathroom. Many villages have access to one bathroom and that's not enough for them so we wanted to create something that will put the audience on the poor people's shoes and experience the life risk these people have dealt with.

Not many villages have enough bathrooms for a good amount of people so in our project we decided to put a clean new bathroom for the people in the village in virtual reality.

We are bringing awareness and educating people about conditions around the world.

We managed to pull it off and complete it but over the course it was complicated for us to start of we were starting with a new application called A-Frame and we didn't know how to work it but thanks to one of our teacher assents they helped us with our issues and we finished on time.

Our group is comprised of 2 seniors and 1 junior all in the Bay Area who came together to tackle a social cause that they were passionate about.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.