Ashley B, Valerie W, Ruth P, Ying Zi (Jessy) M

"Vibes" aims to help people destress and bring more positivity into their lives by showing them memes, music, and Humans of New York posts to try to boost their morale and support them! Users first choose an emoji that represents their mood and are then directed to a page with content that corresponds with how they feel and boosts their mood.

As high school students, we constantly face an immense amount of stress and pressure to do well, and we wanted to address that. We all have bad days, and we wanted to alleviate some of that stress, especially with the statistics of teenage depression and anxiety.

We're addressing this issue by creating a website with relaxing backdrops, memes, and sentimental HONY posts. In case of emergencies, we also have hotlines for our users to reach out to on especially bad days.

We struggled with making our Login and Registration page, as we never learned about PHP or servers, but with extensive research and help from our teachers, we succeeded.

“Vibes” was created by Ashley, Valerie, Ruth, and Jessy. We collaborated on this project over the course of one and a half weeks after taking a five-week long Computer Science course in Girls Who Code’s Summer Immersion Program. Together, we decided to address the issue of mental health and stress for our final project. We hope you enjoy our website!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Goldman Sachs - Grace Hopper.