Sylvia, Brenda, Amy, Karla

Vellum is a website that gives people personalized book recommendations based on a survey you take. Once the survey is submitted, the user will be taken to the recommendations page, which categorizes the books by genre. If you click on a book, the user will be taken to a page that includes a book summary and a google maps of where to purchase the book in Manhattan.

There isn't a way for people to get book recommendations that are personalized to their personalties or interests.

Vellum gives the user a survey to fill out and based on the answers, a list of books is filtered to present the user with a list of recommendations that suits them.

We needed to find a way to store all of our user data and book info. We used Json to create this database and then pulled the necessary titles out of it after the user filled out the survey.

Sylvia is a senior at the Yeshivah of Flatbush. She loves to read, direct plays and shop.

Brenda is a junior at Columbia Secondary. She loves to read and her hair is super curly.

Karla is a junior at Long Island City High School. She loves reading, especially the Percy Jackson series.

Amy is senior at Academy of Finance and Enterprise. She plays volleyball, reads a lot and loves to travel.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Bank of America NY.