Eating Better, Living Better

Gabriella A, Jessica B, Jonei E, Michaela F

Veg-ucate illustrates healthy eating habits that are pivotal to a healthy diet. We noticed that in America, being obese and overweight is very common and we wanted to fix that. Due to this dilemma, we’ve created a website that combats taboo ideas such as “there are no affordable healthy foods” and “more is better." Our organization is concentrated on providing a space that endorses a healthier lifestyle through eating routines. Along with healthy eating habits, we also provide different techniques on how to prevent things like laziness, that would lead up to this issue. We want to also demonstrate how what you eat affects so many other things like weight, sleep, and even mood.

America's eating habits are getting worse by the minute, as our population increments everyday. This is a growing concern because not only are we the country with the highest obesity percentage, but it's influencing the younger generations, as it's become common for 20 year-olds to get heart attacks.

We are creating an informational website that educates people of the predicament and how to solve it for themselves, and for others.

The design elements were very difficult to code while trying to keep the website professional and functional.

"It's very informative."


"The design is very smooth."

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .