Jordan H, Janet U, Lily F

Valencia Girls was created in order to empower female high school students to get involved in various opportunities and receive helpful tips! We believe that all girls embody the Latin meaning of "Valencia": strength, power, and bravery!

Our website was created specifically for girls because we live in a male-dominated world, where females are often overlooked and denied the exposure to many opportunities. We wanted to be able to connect with and relate to our users, and help them discover their passions!

There is currently no website where female high school students can find all different types of opportunities and discover their passions, as well as ask questions and receive helpful advice.

By creating Valencia Girls, we hope to provide female high schoolers with the confidence and resources they need to find opportunities and be successful.

It was very challenging to create different tabs on our website, and include all of the information we wanted. Thankfully, after receiving help from our peers who had faced similar issues, we were able to create five distinct informational pages!

"This is the best website I have ever stumbled upon! It's so beautiful, and I am so thrilled that a group of girls decided to put their time and energy into helping others!"

We all began the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program with little to no knowledge about computer science, but now we can confidently say that we created our own website from scratch!

Jordan joined Girls Who Code because she is very creative, and wanted to see if the world of technology was for her. Since she has always been interested in medicine, Jordan now knows that technology can open even more doors for her in the medical field, and is interested in further pursuing computer science. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and cooking!

Janet wanted to be involved with the program because she wanted to explore the different careers technology has to offer. She has always been fascinated by computer science, as she is very curious about how technology works. Through Girls Who Code, Janet has discovered that she thoroughly enjoys website design and development, and the way computer science allows her to express her creativity. When she has free time, Janet likes to be surrounded by nature, travel, take photos, and draw.

Lily decided to involve herself in Girls Who Code because she wanted to learn about where computer science could take her, and she enjoys learning new things. After participating in the program, Lily is much more aware of the value of having skills in computer science, and is certain that she will take some computer science classes in college. In her free time, Lily loves to do community service, spend time with her friends, and try out new restaurants!

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Twitter (San Francisco).