"Click A Book. Start Your Adventure."

Keyanna P, Joan T, Liana H, Brittany W

Our project aims to help people make finding a great book to read; an adventure. Here at Untitled, we give you clues and an excerpt to find the book of your choice. By typing your location into the Google Maps, we give you a list of libraries to locate the book.

Many people in the world tend to make a decision in reading a book based on its appearance. People could be missing out on a wonderful book, purely because they judged it without giving it a chance. And on top of this, there are people that just don't read. And reading is a great experience, and we want to encourage more people to read.

To solve this, we give people a chance to search for books to read without really knowing what to expect. It's all part of the adventure! We also want to bring back the interest of reading a nice book at a local library, by showing users the libraries near them, that they can search through.

A technical problem we overcame was the usage of JQuery. We needed JQuery to allow for the interactive feature of a virtual turning of a page of a book. It was difficult at first, but as we worked with it we caught on quickly with it. And now we have this element featured on almost all our webpages!

Untitled is a website to make finding a book more adventurous. It is a playground for daring readers who are prepared for the unexpected.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Ada Lovelace.