Making the unseen seen.

Nalani V, Oluwatomini O, Kovonna M, Camden G

Our project is called "Unseen" and is designed for blind people who need help navigating around places. During our Capstone Project week, we built the design with the intention of using a GPS module which would have the code and directions that navigates the person to places. We concluded that we would instead use vibration motors instead of a GPS because we didn't want the user to rely on sound in case they are in a loud place. The vibration motors vibrate when the user needs to turn in a certain direction. We also composed a maze to test our bracelet.

Blind people usually rely on dogs, canes, and sound to navigate themselves. We wanted to build something that would navigate them through the use of vibration signals in hopes that it will ease the difficult in knowing the right direction they need to go towards.

We created a bracelet that uses vibration motors to signal which direction you should go towards (left, right, forward, back, etc.). We also had the idea of adding a speaker to the bracelet so it included sound signals too.

A technical problem we faced was getting the LilyPad Arduino vibe boards to all work at the same time because it was too much power so we decided to use different vibration motors.

Hi, my name is Nalani and I am going into the 8th grade.
Hello, my name is Camden and I am going into 8th grade.
Hi, I am Oluwatomini and I am going into 12th grade
Hi, I’m Kovonna and I am going into 7th grade.

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