Make shopping more fun and simple!

Dayja B, Eva G, Gabriella M, Dana O, Catalina L

This app and website was designed in the hopes of matching women with their size across various stores. Along with that, we added extra features to enhance one's shopping experience as a whole.

Stores often do not offer a vast range of sizes. Every woman is different and stores need to recognize this.

By creating a 'Search your Size' feature across many stores, women can find what they want based on their hips or waist size. Along with that, we added tips that every woman should know in order to complete their style.

The type of files we were trying to use were not compatible with some of the systems we were using, such as LiveCode. When we figured out that this wouldn't work without an API, we moved to a new idea: changing the format of the code and the type of the file used. Our final code was a dictionary with one big list full of information.

"Your project is so inspirational!"

This group is comprised of beautiful, smart, and curious young women who are determined to be something in this world! Our project combines all of our specialties and interests.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at - The BSA Foundation.