Underwater Pollution Awareness

Underwater Pollution Awareness

Charlene G, Maria P, Victoria G

We designed a website that brings awareness towards underwater pollution. Our group wanted to create a website that allowed the user to donate to the cause and overall become aware of the issue. Underwater pollution is affecting the sea life everywhere. We wanted to promote the usage of biodegradable plastic which can save many underwater life.

The problem is the ignorance of people surrounding the topic of underwater pollution.

We are addressing it by creating a website that informs users about the problem and gives them organizations they can donate to help solve the problem.

We had difficulty creating some of the features in our website, but worked through them together as a team and with the help of our instructor.

"This is going to create so much awareness, great job!"

We are a group of high school students from Chicago who were enrolled in the Girls Who Code Campus Program at DePaul University. Over 2 weeks we learned how to design and develop a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Through the process of completing this project we were able to design a website expressing our concerns for the environment.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at .