Bringing awareness to the justice sytem

Maria R, Delaila G, Ashley R

An interactive game designed to unveil the corruptness of the US Criminal Justice system. In the game, you will have to make choices based on the situation you find yourself in, and the outcome of your story will be determined by those choices. Have fun, and check out the links posted at the end of each game.

The U.S Criminal Justice system is corrupt beyond measure. Everyday we hear new stories on police brutality, and excessively lenient or excessively heavy sentencing. The lack of uniformity between the sentencing of people of differing , races, genders and socio-economic status is truly appalling

We created this project to raise awareness about these disparities, and hopefully generate the momentum needed to change the way the system works. By designing this website with an interactive game that provides commentary on the criminal justice system.

We had trouble making sure buttons worked properly. Making sure they returned the proper prompt going forward in the game.

Maria:  lead programmer and Assistant website developer, Delaila: Lead website creator, Ashley: Lead researcher, author and assistant programmer. Together these girls brought light to the broken justice system we have today.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - FIU.