Spread self-love.

Jasmine J, Yazmin P, Joanna P, Jessica M, Jasmine E

We wanted to create a safe space in which women and men can go to without feeling embarrassed or shy to learn about their relationship problems. Our website is called "UFirst" and our slogan is “Don’t let your struggle become your identity” because we want to emphasize that your happiness should come first and that you shouldn't let a dull moment in your life define you. Most of the time, those in toxic relationships are not aware that they are in them. We hope to make it a little easier to recognize.

"UFirst" is a balance of two worlds: ‘information’ and ‘personal’. This balance will educate everyone about healthy relationships. Other websites are solely dedicated to providing information without the community or support users in toxic relationships may need. With our website we want to provide both information and a community.

Our approach to help users escape toxic relationships uses three pillars: questioning, knowing, and action. We created a checklist feature for users who are questioning or doubting warning signs in their relationship. The Blog page also offers a more personal experience.

During the process of creating "UFirst", we encountered two major challenges:
- We decided to create a checklist style quiz that allows the user to discover and learn about different toxic relationships. The quiz required a lot of JavaScript, which we weren't very knowledgeable about. It was very time consuming since we encountered problems when the quiz wouldn’t do what we wanted it to or wouldn’t work at all.
- Another challenge that we had was trying to combine all of our CSS files into one, since our file names were different because we used 5 different computers.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Sephora.