We are here to help you pick out an outfit in less than 5 minutes!

Michelle O, Ivette B, Maria C

TRiFT is a user friendly website in which individuals can upload photos of their own clothes to our page. The pictures can then be randomly generated and will result in a trendy outfit based on the users needs.

People don't realize how much time they spend just trying to figure out what to wear for the day. Ain't nobody got time for that.

The generator is based on what clothes you want to choose from and then randomly generates an outfit, so it does the guessing game for you. There is also an page of inspiration if want to get some ideas but you're also not completely clueless. You can also help the community by giving away your unwanted clothes to the homeless through Help NYC.

The database, the generator itself, CSS, and overall just time management were the main challenges that we faced when working on this project. Whenever we got frustrated with our code we just took a quick break... Then went to Google and YouTube for help. The content people post is actually very useful if you find the right one.

"This website is so helpful!! The outfit inspiration and generator give great ideas!" -Amelia C

TRiFT is a user friendly website used to generate an outfit in less than 5 minutes. TRiFT helps those who cannot decide what to wear and for those who got invited to a last minute event. We also have an inspiration page where users can get inspired to buy similar outfits from the ones shown. If anyone wants to add an outfit or comment to help make the page better, there’s a comment box at the bottom. In addition to that, we also collaborated with Help NYC to donate unwanted clothes to the homeless and people in need.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).