Explore the "hidden gems" in New York City

Judy H, Tiffany W, Jahlila S, Diane O, Tenzin L, Fatima S

Treasure Chest is a blog-style website that highlights the "hidden gems" in NYC. We have located some of the best places in all five boroughs and displayed them on the website. You can check out our map and see their locations, and we have attached their websites if you want more information.

We wanted to help New Yorkers as well as tourists experience NYC. There are many tourist attractions and popular food places all over NYC, and we want to help them out by providing them with other businesses and attractions that they can visit.

Our website was made by all of our teammates researching for places throughout the 5 boroughs. We took all of the locations and added them to our website for easy access. We have also included a map so people can see the location of these places.

In our website, the most difficult issue was attaching a map. We had a lot of trouble creating a map that contained many markers as well as information windows that appears when the marker is clicked on. To overcome this issue, we had a lot of help from out teachers and TAs. We also spent a lot of time researching on Google how to solve the issue. Google has a wonderful Google Maps website that was very helpful.

"It is a very useful website because I always wanted good places in NYC to eat and hang out at."

We are a group of rising juniors and seniors who have never programmed before and took a risk on trying something new by taking part in this program. Throughout the two months, we have learned multiple languages such as, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Although we faced numerous challenges, we were able to bypass these hardships with the help of each other, as well as our teachers and TA’s. We have had a lot of fun during the summer and we learned a lot as well. We put all of our knowledge into creating this website for New Yorkers. We hope you enjoy!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pfizer NY.