Input Route, Ouput Playlist

Mahum M., Lana N., Kassandra B., Aleida D., Xiaotong H., Unnati S.

Derived from our passion for music, we decided to create a program which curates a playlist depending on your location where you start and end on a road trip. By adding select songs by local artists from cities you will be traveling through in your road trip, you will be receiving a unique compilation of songs which you can use to paint that musical background for your trip, as well as find new artists and songs you may like. In doing so, you will also be supporting local artists by listening to their music. So, for your next road trip, try making a playlist from our website to accommodate the journey, and truly travel through music.

We wanted to make road trips more enjoyable and fun for all.

By adding local artists into our playlists we are able to support them and create a fun environment during road trips.

We weren't able to fully use the Spotify API so instead we print eh Spotify URIs that can be copied and pasted into a Spotify playlist.

"I really like your creative idea, I think it's great that you made something fun that everyone can use instead of solving a big problem" -Elise Xu

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (San Jose).