Jump over catcalls and collect bottles

Alexis D, Victoria H, Ashley B, Jennifer S, Schyel B.

Our game was made in p5js, and we decided to make a sidescroller where the user plays as a young woman jumping over verbal assaults while collecting bottles to take to her local Recycling center.

Our group felt that catcalling and littering was very prevalent and that people did not understand why it was a problem. We wanted people to realize that it shouldn't be the social standard to say rude things on the streets like that, or to throw their trash onto the street.

We made a fun and education way of teaching people about recycling and verbal assault from a mobile game.

We faced a lot of problems during the beginning stages of our game like how to use p5js because none of us had a background on it. We also had to learn how to code object collisions and use variables for things such as the scoring and hearts. Eventually we all specialized in an aspect of the game which made our study time a lot faster, so we could all ask help from each other.

"Verbal assault is never okay and if we continue to ignore it, it will become expected." - Alexis

Our group: Team JAVAS

We’re a group of 16 – 18 year olds girls who saw that there was a lot of social issues in our home of LA and wanted to make a game based on that. We felt that we cannot condone such behaviors such as catcalling and littering, and wanted to do something to educate people in a fun way.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Boyle Heights LA.