Meghana Shastri, Kenzie Rutherford, Seblewerk Enyew

We created a messenger chatbot that tells you how to sort your trash properly! First you click 'send messege' and then you type in 'hello' to the chatbot, and from there you follow its instructions until it tells you where your trash item should go.

Many Americans don't sort their trash properly, and guidelines can be confusing as to what can go in the recycling, landfill, or compost. There can be a lot of consequences if trash isn't sorted properly. In fact, 60% of items in the landfill are recyclable, which creates a lot of waste.

We are addressing this problem by creating a program on JavaScript that tells you how to sort whatever item (through messenger) you have in the correct place.

A technical problem we faced was having to download Heroku, which is a server that helps run the JavaScript program on messenger. It took three days to install the program on one computer, due to technical difficulties. Therefore, our time was cut short and our project isn't as elaborate as we wanted it to be.

Hello! We created Trash Talk as the final project for the Girls Who Code SIP in 2017. Trash Talk is a messenger chatbot that helps you sort your trash correctly according to Washington State law.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Seattle).