To Girls Everywhere is a bridge website that connects users to sponsor organizations that support girls' education.

Francisca G., Daniela G., Talya E.

To Girls Everywhere is a bridge website that connects users to sponsor organizations that support girls' education. This provides a convenient time-saving shortcut for users planning on supporting the movement. It contains countries that need to improve their girls’ education and the organizations that are working towards improving female education.

62 Million Girls do not have access to education. People want to help them, but they have to do a lot of research to educate themselves properly about girls’ education systems in developing countries, and their sponsor organizations.

To Girls Everywhere conveniently:
- connects users to information regarding female education
- provides access sponsor organizations
- contains all the information in one place

While creating the website, we had some problems with adjusting to different screen sizes and creating a centered navigation bar. After some researching, we found the one line of code that would solve the problem: device-width. The site still has a minor adjusting problem with the banner image, but the rest of the page does adjust properly. The navigation bar was a completely different problem. We used the code from W3Schools as a guideline, but it interfered with the css of other items. We solved this by creating classes and placing the proper css in the right class for each item in the navigation bar.

"You inspire me, as much as I inspire you."

We strongly believe that we have the power to bring more education to girls. Queen Rania of Jordan stated: “When you educate a girl, you kick-start a cycle of success. It makes economic sense. It makes social sense. It makes moral sense. But, it seems it’s not common sense yet.” These words resonate with our team. All of us have had exposure to different education systems that have driven us to take action. Talya has attended an all-girls Jewish high school, and feels an obligation to make the world a better place. Francisca, who lived in Chile until recently, has learned that education is crucial for making better decisions and having a better life. She doesn’t want girls to feel weak and alone, but empowered by their education. Daniela, born and raised in Venezuela, believes girls should have equal opportunities to boys. Girls have the power to improve their situations if they are educated. Our summer program, Girls Who Code, has opened our minds and showed us that we can make a difference.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).