"choose category and color to reduce stress level"

Anam M, Jackie W, and Tiara J

Statistics show that 45 percent of women find choosing an outfit stressful. Moreover, 55 percent of women spend five months of their office lives, meaning from ages 18 to 65 deciding what to wear. Therefore, we created this android web application using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make deciding outfits a lot easier, that will result in reduced stress levels and more time. In the future we want to allow the user to add pictures of their own clothes which the web application will categorize for them.

Women find picking an appropriate outfit for an occasion or a place stressful.

Our web application provides the user with eight categories. Each category provides the user with eight different colors. Each color provides the user with two suggestions.

Making a suggestion of certain color appear when the box was checked was something we struggled with. In order to solve this problem we replaced the check boxes with the radio buttons.

TIAM was designed by Anam, Jackie, and Tiara. Anam and Jackie are seniors and Tiara is a junior.

We designed TIAM to reduce stress level of women and to provide them with more time to do others things such as relax and spend more time with their families rather than worrying about finding an appropriate outfit for work. We hope that our web application will help females of all ages stay mentally healthy.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AIG - Grace Hopper.