Mental health awareness

Darya K., Saba S.

The goal of thePOM is to create a healthy and safe environment for teenagers who are overlooked or feel that their mental health is an insignificant priority. thePOM strives to ensure that teens not only get the resources and help they need, but also have the opportunity to relax while doing so.

Mental health is an issue that often goes unaddressed as teens are growing up. Specifically in the Silicon Valley, a highly competitive, yet innovative area, many face the pressures of succeeding in every aspect of their life. These pressures can be life threatening when not talked about or taken care of.

thePOM has potential to make a difference in everyone’s lives. With multiple resources, our initiative is to hit the whole scope of mental health. From an interactive map that helps you find not just mental health clinics, but fun things to do in your area, to a page that is completely dedicated to relaxing and having fun, thePOM creates a safe environment for anyone to be themselves.

For our interactive map that showed mental health clincs, teen communities, and recreational activities, we needed an API. However, we could not find a compatible API rendered for what we were looking for. From MapBox, to Google Places, to Google Maps, after 4 days of research and testing out different code, we finally got Google Maps to work with the rest of our program.

"This is so beautiful, both the style and the impact it has."-Saasha Mane

Darya-Hello, my name is Darya and I am a rising junior at Archbishop Mitty High School. Some of my passions include speech and debate, skiing, music, and programming of course! Living in the pressure cooker that is the Silicon Valley, I have definitely come across many peers who have opened up to me regarding their mental state, whether it is anxiety, depression, or chronic stress. The issue has always been that they were too afraid to reach out, and I feel that thePOM provides an outlet for individuals to deal with their mental illness through a variety of ways, find what is right for them, and do all this anonymously. I am honored to be a part of this program, and have learned so much in my time here. Girls Who Code will be forever in my heart!

Saba-Hi, my name is Saba! I am a senior at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, Bay Area. As a teenager growing up in a very competitive environment, one of my main goals is to remove the idea that mental health is not a priority, or as important as physical health. thePOM is my first initiative to do so! Through Girls Who Code, I found my passion for using engineering to make a difference in society, and I am excited to pursue a computer science degree with a minor in business in college! Some of my other passions include Film, Literature, and being happy! In my free time, I like to play basketball, spend time with my family and friends, and drink lots of boba. I hope to travel the world and help others in the future!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GoDaddy Bay Area.