A virtual clothing library

Zeynep C., Izalina S., Jasmin M., Elizabeth K.

The Traveling closet is a clothes sharing website -- a virtual clothing library. Users can sign up and lend out clothes on the site in exchange for ClosetCoins, our form of currency. With these coins, users can get other clothing items that others have put up for free. The user can borrow a wide range of things such as wedding dresses, suits, children's clothing, or anything else that the community has put up.

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Buying clothes can easily put a dent in someone’s wallet, especially if the clothing is for special events. It can be hard for people to keep buying new clothes for their constantly growing children; it can be hard for a person to buy a wedding dress that can cost up to thousands or a suit that can be just as expensive. At the same time, there are other people who have these clothes that are for special events that just remain sitting in the closet collecting dust.

Zejaizel created The Traveling Closet, a website that makes it possible for people to share their clothes with others for free. The user can not only share their clothes, but donate to others by taking a look at different organizations that are dedicated to giving clothes to those in need. With this virtual clothing library, people can create bonds with others in their community while looking stylish and saving money.

Before we used materialize, we tried out a bootstrap template after we struggled, then scratched another web building application. We had trouble using this one bootstrap template because it was confusing for us to figure out, and the template itself did not match what we envisioned our website to be. So, we decided to start brand new with materialize and making a nice website became a much less daunting task. We also tried to put a back end database within our website, but it was way out of our skill set and time limit, so we decided to make it as a prototype. One day, we want to add a functional database to make our website functional.

"It's a great idea, and I would defintely use it!"

"Love the website! Makes it easy to get new clothes!"

ZeJaizel was formed to create The Traveling Closet as a final project for the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program. The founding group members are Zeynep, Izalina, Jasmin, and Elizabeth.


 “I’m a 16 year old rising Senior in Wichita, Kansas. I have participated in the Project Lead the Way (engineering based STEM related national curriculum) classes at my school since freshman year. Sophomore year i participated in robotics club, but was only able to help with the mechanics because I had no experience with coding. However, I got to see the programming group code the robots and it was very interesting, and I wanted to learn how. My Junior year I took part 2 of PLTW, which included a very basic coding unit and a final project where we built and programmed a robotic arm. This is when I found out about Girls Who Code. Deciding to apply was one of the best experiences I have ever had, and I intend to study computer science in college. When I’m not coding I run Cross Country and Dance. After this program I feel much more confident and excited about college and the future in general.”


“I’m a 16 year-old rising junior in Chicago, Illinois. I first got my start in coding when I took a computer science class at my school sophomore year. I then came across a Girls Who Code application with the help of my Computer Science teacher. Little did I know it would be the best experience of my life. Girls Who Code gave me an outlet and brought out my passion in computer science. When I’m not coding, I’m watching Netflix, jamming to music, playing the guitar or hanging out with friends. I love food and hopefully get the chance to travel the world to try all the best restaurants. I’m looking forward to trying new things and never stop learning.”


“I am 16 years old and a rising junior. My first experience with coding was through a summer program called Girls Who Code. I really enjoyed it and it has inspired me to continue to learn more. On my free time i like to play soccer or volleyball. I also like to hang out with friends, watch Netflix, and try new things here and there. Another thing that I like is Mexican and Chinese food. I am looking forward to explore more about coding, learning, and having fun with it.”


“I’m a 16 year old part-time student in Palos Hills, a suburb right outside of Chicago. I got started in coding when I took part in the Girls Who Code summer immersion program after my sophomore year of high school, and now I only want to keep learning about computer science. Outside of coding, I like to play violin, go out and ride my bike, and binge watch stuff on Netflix. I hope that I am able to shape my life in a way where I’m constantly learning and growing, and I look forward to seeing this website grow and pursuing the things that I’m passionate about and the things that make me happy.”

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony.