The Super Cool Kid School Simulator of Doom

The Super Cool Kid School Simulator of Doom

"Be motivated! Stay in School!"

Asia H., Izzy V., Jacqueline G., Sherley A-P.

A simple, rather outrageous school simulator game where the player must navigate through their classes and learn life lessons on the way. Though each game, there is a lesson to be interpreted which involve how to manage time, friends, and determination. If you don't learn these small, but valuable lessons, at least you will have fun.

We were never able to complete a reset button so that the player doesn't have to repeatedly exit the game and start over when they lose a mini game.

In the time frame given to us, we were not able to complete it nor start it.

Overall, our biggest technical difficulty was learning how to use a brand new program: Pygame. In the first game, there was difficulty making images appear and as well as images creating a flashing movement, which we only intended for the losing screen. We had to further research the PyGame Library to realize the "flip" command needed to be positioned and sometimes removed. In the Dance Dance Revolution game, there were a lot difficulties that needed overcoming. For example, we had to be able to figure out how to make images appear and move. It may sound easy, but there was a lot more involved than we originally thought. In addition, we had the game programmed so that as long as a key was pressed and two arrows were touching, the moving arrow would disappear. This was a huge flaw because the player would then only need one key to pass the game. Therefore, we had to split the images into different groups. Then to make the moving arrows move, we had to learn functions and know how to grab a sprite in a group in order to make the game work.

We created this game in order to teach children how to:

  1. Find friends that go with the rhythm of your soul
  2. Have faith in yourself! Do not give up! Persevere and endure!
  3. When meeting new people, fin commonalities to form deeper relationships
  4. Step outside your comfort zone

in a fun, interactive way!

We used Pygame, Python, Atom, and MS Paint.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).