The Prevention Game

The Prevention Game

"Press space bar to jump and avoid pink spikes"

Marisol F., Cassie D., Zelda W., Angelica E.

The project was created to spread awareness towards unprotected sex among teenagers and young adults. We designed a website that addressed important information about the subject, and a game that contrasts a light heart-ed humorous side for the viewers of the website. The information on the website addressed the harsh side-effects of not using a condom resulting in contracting an STD, and/or becoming pregnant that will negatively impact a person's life. The game can be found on the website homepage, and was created on scratch. The game was a side scroller and consisted of the user choosing to be either male or female,(currently doesn't effect the over game-play), and running avoiding obstacles, diseases, while obtaining a condom shield.

The problem is the lack of information sexually active adolescents know about health risk- STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

We addressed the problem by creating a game and website raising awareness of the importance of using protection to prevent unplanned pregnancy and/or getting infected by a virus.

A technical problem we faced was successfully getting the scrolling obstacle game to work. We coded the scrolling obstacle course, however it was not completely moving it off the screen and the costumes were not constantly moving.

Sex can no longer be a taboo topic, sexual education is important.

The Prevention game was made to inform sexually active adolescents over some health risk- STDs and unplanned pregnancy- and prove that condoms do not make you invincible to viruses.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Austin).