Choose your own path!

Astrid L, Sela T

The Mercer of Durham is a choose your own adventure game , on a voice-controlled platform: the Amazon Echo. You create your own destiny by making different choices. Alexa (the Amazon Echo) will guide you through a series of events, based on what you decide to do. The Mercer of Durham is inspired by the Black Plague set in the year 1347. You play as a young merchant who needs to go and save his brother - but you and your brother are miles apart. You must go on a journey and make the right choices or else you will perish along the way if you made the wrong choice.

There aren't many voice-controlled games that are available to the public.

We are trying to start the trend with voice-controlled games by making one ourselves.

We had a lot of trouble trying to learn how to use node.js. We overcame it by researching and receiving help from our teachers.

"I really enjoyed how the website corresponds with what Alexa says".

Astrid is a junior in High School. She loves playing sports and she has 4 cats. Sela is a senior in High School who loves to draw, and her favorite animal is a rabbit. They decided to work on this project because they both love a challenge!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Amazon (Seattle).