The Diamond Door and the New Glass Floor

Spread awareness of the struggles women face in the tech industry.

Josephine A, Emme O, Julia J-K

Our project is a choose-your-own-adventure game to educate people about the sexism in the workplace. It focuses on the struggles women in technology face. We hope that through playing this game, people will become more aware of this issue and work to eliminate it.

Only 25% of technology jobs are held by women, and those who hold these jobs often face sexism in the workplace.

We created a game that shows some situations that women in tech workplaces are faced with so that people will become more aware of sexism in the workplace and work to stop it.

When our buttons stopped working, we explored online and asked our TAs for help finding solutions. We eventually found one and everything else fell into place.

Emme is a rising senior at Vashon Island High School. She hopes to pursue a career in software development and would one day love to open up her own animal sanctuary. Julia is a rising senior at Shorewood High School. She enjoys chai lattes, hanging out with friends and family, and listening to the Bill Nye theme song on repeat. Josephine is a rising junior at Ingraham High School and likes playing tennis and spending time with family and friends. They became good friends by facing challenges together. They attribute their success to listening to Kenny G, the Bill Nye theme song, and Christmas music in the middle of August.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).