Get pokemon, get love, get glory - "Veni Vidi Vici"

Nakia K, Wuraola O, Sally P, Lemiah B

We created a visual novel using our knowledge of pokemon games and python. We used Ren'Py, a python engine, to create it.

Many people enjoy the main plot of pokemon games. They enjoy the excitement of battle and the gratification of winning. To get to this point in the normal pokemon games you usually have to grind your pokemon's levels to a certain point. This aspect can turn some audiences off.

We are addressing it by making a Visual Novel that focuses on the plot. You make choices and are able to pave your path. This is how we made it accessible to all audiences.

A techinical problem we faced was getting used to Ren'Py. We had to learn a whole new library of functions. We overcame this by reading the documentation thoroughly.

"This visual novel made me happy!" -Yisel Breton

Four girls united by one Pokémon. We love visual novels, and we also love Pokémon. Combining the two was a match made in Heaven.

~There was a building in Times Square and Adobe was its name-o. A-D-O-B-E,  A-D-O-B-E,  A-D-O-B-E,  Adobe was its name-o.~

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (NYC).