Learn about Art and make your own! Learn about Music and listen to some too!

Clarissa A., Josie H., Minjie K., Nancy D.

We’re a nonprofit website designed by a group of girls who wished to give children the resources to learn about art and music history. When budget cuts are in place, sports, the visual arts, and the preforming arts are usually the first to be cut. Even when both are being funded, art classes and preforming art classes are underfunded and under supported in schools, and both fail to teach the history of the subject. We want to provide children with a foundation in order to inspire them to learn more.

There aren’t enough resources for art history, especially for young children, By the time kids get to middle school, art is an elective that many people don’t end up taking. Even when art classes are available, they usually don’t teach art history.

We are going to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a resource for art history and learning about music and art. Our website will be a single stop resource for art history explained simply and easy to understand.

We face difficulties formatting our CSS properly to get hexagons proportioned correctly. We solved it by using our #searchfu skills.

If Picasso had a blue period, we can too. Blue is an important color, used to convey emotions, both happy and sad. It’s scientifically proven to be a calming color. Blues as a genre of music is emotional and rich with history. Art and music are both heavily influenced by the blues, whether it be the color or the genre, and we’re influenced by art and music.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Seattle).