Helping women to be successful in their careers.

Melissa V, Juliana T, Mily S, Sam S

Everyone has unique experiences and preferences in their career path, and that path turns out differently for everyone. Through local job postings, advice, and the best resources we could gather, we hope to guide women to those different paths. We want to inform and educate women on how to take the next step in their careers; no one deserves to be misinformed. Your career path is like a watercolor painting, at one point, you always start from blank. We want to inspire women to continue painting their best painting.

With job opportunities increasing, there are not enough resources for women to find jobs specific to their desired fields. Most job resources do not take into account the different situations that women may go through; their diverse backgrounds. Women are having difficulty with not only finding jobs but finding resources for preparing for job interviews; dressing for success; qualities companies look for, this is one of the many reasons for the Blank Project to start. We want to distribute resources for women to be successful.

Since women need resources specific to them, The Blank Project has filtered every piece of valuable information from hundreds of websites; making the process even easier for women. Each page on the website informs women who are either familiar (or not familiar with), the interview process; resume building; preparing for success in starting (or continuing) a desired career path.

Since we divided all the pages for coding, each girl faced a different challenge in coding their website. Combining the code into one perfect website was the most complex challenge that we faced. With the different code in creating the navbar and the footer, it was a challenge setting the footer in the right position. At one point, the footer was in the navbar; then the navbar was on the right (instead of the top). We overcame this by experimenting with CSS and setting multiple classes to each part in the footer.

What people said when we were presenting:
"By successfully completing this project, you girls will have the determination and the passion to do wonderful things in your future."
"Such a beneficial website."
"This will help women be successful in life."
"Hope you girls keep working on this project; that you won't stop learning and creating wonderful things."

We are a group of rising high school juniors and seniors living in Miami. We are passionate about inspiring others after our experience with girls who code, with so many women inspiring us. We created this project for women to help open the doors of career success and opportunity. This experience of creating this project has expanded our knowledge in developing responsive websites, and sharpening our HTML and CSS skills.  

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This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Knight - FIU.