Understand to Take a Stand

Claire H., Simran M., Amy A., Stephanie Y.,

Our website, The Bill Review, addresses the issue that many impactful laws and decisions are being made at the hands of the senate by describing upcoming bills that affect your daily life. We came up with this platform which is accessible to young people across various backgrounds and informs them about decisions, the many impactful decisions being made at the hands of the Senate, and who and what it affects, whether it's people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community and youth. In doing so, we encourage Americans to look from diverse perspectives to help them become allies.

Did you know that in the last 2 years, 12,063 bills were introduced to Congress? Only 3% were enacted into law, which is 329 new laws that you didn’t know were passed!

We came up with a platform that describes upcoming bills that affect your daily life describing upcoming bills to the American people.

Along the many building days that our team faced throughout the last two weeks, various challenges arose that we had to take one step at a time. The first challenge that our team had to battle through were all of the APIs that had to be implemented into the webpage. The second challenge that came into contact with the team were the User Interface functionalities that had to be created in order to provide the user easy access, from link to link, and button to button.

We founded The Bill Review as a team at a summer immersion program at Girls Who Code, a nonprofit whose mission is to close the gender gap in technology. With the power of bravery, resilience and sisterhood, we came up with The Bill Review, an online platform whose mission is to inform young Americans about the latest bills being passed in America. In doing so, we seek to encourage young Americans across various backgrounds to be aware of what decisions will impact their lives at the hands of the legislative branch and teach them that their voices matter.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Atlanta).