Marika F, Aastha G, Lea A, Sangita K, Natalie C

We created a website that includes poverty statistics and an interactive game aimed to create awareness around the privileges we have living in a first world country. Our game gets progressively harder as you travel to developing countries that don't have easy access to clean water.

People often take their privileges for granted, especially when they live in prosperous areas of the world. We have extremely busy lives, and sometimes it is easy to forget about the people in other countries who have less than us and have to work much harder to achieve more. We wanted these differences between countries to be known by the world and educate people through poverty statistics and an interactive game.

We strive to teach self-awareness and, therefore, broaden people’s perspectives by educating the general public to the privileges we naturally have, and consequently bringing light to the levels of poverty and disadvantages that are present in other underdeveloped countries. We created a game in addition to a website with data visuals to display this issue and further educate the world. We also included links to organizations that allow our users to donate and support people living in developing countries.

We had a difficult time finding reliable data due to lack of information, especially from third world countries, that were not trustworthy and sometimes biased.

We are a group of girls inspired to educate the world about the differences in resources between first world and third world countries and create awareness of the privileges we have living in a first world country.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Pivotal.